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The Future of Heritage Science: SEAHA Conference Round Table

In January 2015, the IIC Annual General Meeting in London, UK included a round table discussion on the topic of ‘The Future of Heritage Science.” The panelists, representatives from the UK National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF), ICOM-CC, ICCROM, and IIC were asked to consider questions looking at heritage science vs. conservation science or technical art […]

A Brief Theory of Heritage Science

By Matija Strlic Premise 1: In one way or another, we have been doing heritage science for ages. I will use this term to describe the science of heritage, i.e. how we manage, interpret, conserve heritage as well as provide access to it.[1] In his lecture at the Royal Institution in 1843, Michael Faraday lectured […]

Do environmental fluctuations matter to book and paper collections?

by Yun Liu The impact of environmental fluctuations on paper degradation has always been of great interest to the conservation community. It is not only because paper is one of the heritage materials that are known as being sensitive to environmental conditions, but also because it is extremely challenging to keep microclimate constant, even under […]