The Heritage Science Podcast Episode 2: Modern Materials

How do museums deal with the challenges presented by modern materials? What objects of today could become the heritage of tomorrow?

To find out the answers to this and more, listen now to Episode 2 of the Heritage Science Podcast. In this episode, guests Dr Susan Mossman, curator of science materials at the Science Museum; UCL History of Art Material Studies lecturer Dr Emma Richardson; and SEAHA student Mark Kearney discuss the challenges museums face when dealing with modern materials. Meanwhile, Martin Michette talks to Dr Alexy Karenowska from The Institute of Digital Archaeology during the unveiling of a replica of the Palymra Arch in Trafalgar Square. Rounding off the show, presenter Hayley Simon brings us the latest news from heritage science research.

Photo of the guests from the recording of Episode 2.

Photo of the guests from the recording of Episode 2.

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