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Brexit and Heritage Science

By Professor┬áMatija Strlic* Two weeks have passed since the referendum on the UK Membership of the EU and the importance of the momentous decision is beginning to sink in. In the UK, on the European mainland, as well as elsewhere, the past and future are being intensively scrutinised, questioned and despite extreme differences in views, […]

The UK Comprehensive Spending Review 2015: Opportunities for heritage science

By Scott Allan Orr Heritage science in the United Kingdom is carried out by a complex network of public institutions and the private sector. On the surface, the Comprehensive Spending Review 2015 could be seen as a reason for optimism considering the heritage science funding landscape. The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne stressed in […]

Heritage Public Policy Engagement

By E. Keats Webb In November 2015 the Heritage Consortium AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training and the EPSRC SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training organised a training workshop on heritage public policy engagement. In preparing for the training, I came across an article about research policy and cultural heritage imaging that provided a new perspective for […]