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Water and historical buildings: modelling from the global- to micro-scale

By Scott Allan Orr In celebration of British Science Week (11–20 March 2016), we are highlighting some heritage science projects, news, and topics that may be of interest. Many people are interested in the interplay between moisture and historical buildings to understand the governing physical principles and inform conservation policy. This is especially pertinent in […]

Do environmental fluctuations matter to book and paper collections?

by Yun Liu The impact of environmental fluctuations on paper degradation has always been of great interest to the conservation community. It is not only because paper is one of the heritage materials that are known as being sensitive to environmental conditions, but also because it is extremely challenging to keep microclimate constant, even under […]

The heritage of wind

by Josep Grau-Bove Designing with wind The city of Hyderabad, close to the mouth of the river Indus, was once known to travelers by a very poetic name: ‘manghan jo shaharu’, which in the local Sindh language means “the city of wind catchers”. It had the most peculiar skyline: thousands of chimneys emerged from the […]